segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2006


Está a nevar :)

Que fixe talvez pela primeira vez em meio seculo ou talvez mais está a nevar em Setubal, e em muitos locais estranhos por esse Portugal fora....

Foi ontem e quem ontem estivesse a dormir, ou nao visse que nevou, pelo dia que hoje faz, seria dificil de acreditar em tal coisa (visto que hoje está um sol......mas um Sr. Sol)

It was magic....And me...I was just happy as a child, jumping and watching......Was really beautiful :)

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Idi disse...

Hello Ruben!
How nice that it is snowing - did I understand well: for half a hundred years it didn't snow where you are living?

Yes, and when Mr. Sun is shining, it is quite bright and pritty glittering and shining - bright and white...

How lovely when one sleeps... and awakes... and sees all the snow:
I know a verse from the Bible:
I sleep and awake, because the Lord holds me in his hand.

With my girl-friend and me it was this winter like this: it was before Christmas (some weeks before) and we were exercising some songs for a Christmas party with elderly people.

With all our heart we were singing the song:

Quite and calm falls the snow
still and calm lies the lake
Feastily and mightily is glittering the world---
Rejoice how much you can and may -
soon, yes soon will be Christmas Day

This is the "snow-song" and when I accompanied my friend down the staircase to the front door - I opende it....................and we were amazed: everything was white

When I still was a child - I always was standing before the window like you - looking and looking - all the snow - every single snow-star - how they were falling - still and amazed - adoring I gazed

When I read: "jumping", I thought, this would be a good idea...
and I did it - full of joy
because today I have sucessfully passed the last test

In March I will move near Düsseldorf
3.4. my education to work for handicapped people, handicapped in "speach" will begin in Düsseldorf

Please pray to Jesus Christ for me - I still have a great problem - which still...

...could delay a part of the plan with the education and with Düsseldorf...

thanks for your prayer


Thulio disse...

Oi!!! Estou aqui para te convidar a participar do CONCURSO POESIA PARA O MUNDO. Se você ainda não sabe como participar do concurso, eu lhe digo, basta entrar no blog e deixar um comentário lá com os dados pedidos no blog.
Te desejo uma boa sorte e um excelente 2006!!!!
Parabéns pelo teu blog...

irina disse...

It feels a little creepy though... these weird changes of weather are kind of worrying too...

Idi disse...

Ruben, did you enlarge the photo? Very nice!...or is it only my impression? Heidi

Idi disse...


I was absent for one and a half day cause I attended some lessons at the school where I will start to study in April.

In the meantime nearly the whole snow has melted.
When I came home this afternoon, I was a bit sad that most of the snow had disappeared.


N.B. Sorry for bothering your mail address. I don't know whether I will succeed one day but I tried to send you a very lovely and thoughtful mail.
I will try later when my friend will send it to me on another data form if you are willing to.

Idi disse...

Thanks for g-mail-add-idea but I will stick to my old mail. I will receive the new data form soon.

Idi disse...

New comment:
Winter is cold but it is important that we don't freeze in bad habits

Idi disse...

This evening it snowed a lot so that I prefered changing my way and taking one where I knew were driving more cars and where the hill was not so steep

Idi disse...

On 1st of April at the begin of my education I will change my flat. Now I am changing every week my place of living.
Yesterday I was near Düsseldorf - no snow...
now back a bit far from Cologne: again snow

Exciting world
Yes, life is exciting
Today when I still was in Düsseldorf there was a voice performance that means a spectacle of all sorts of using one's voice: reading, speaking, singing, shouting - different songs - with/without instruments, one or more people, different music styles
one of my future collegues said:
yes, Idi, all that...
life has prepared for you...

I said: Thank you for these nice meditating words as tomorrow we are Sunday...
(this sentence was like a little sermon for me to tell me that I always should expect MORE from life and from my God who always loves me even though I cannot see it always)

Idi disse...

A nice Sunday for you Ruben.

Idi disse...
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Idi disse...
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Idi disse...
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Idi disse...

God loved ... (fill in your name when reading the following link)

Idi disse...

Instead of "word torpe"
please fill in: "deed t..." or "picture t..."

Idi disse...

Today I was still thinking about fading tear
when I was younger,
in many things I thought in the same way

but now as years have passed by
I was confronted by this (first) blog of yours
what would my words be?

I really took a deep look into myself
decided to see things from some other points of view
than you do
I would say: maturation

but still not finished yet
I think't will lasten some days

thank you for being so honest.
I really appreciate it that I have known your blog
and that this gives me tens of impulses for my life

(you may translate my 4 blogs)