sábado, dezembro 24, 2005


é de certa forma estranho que o ultimo post tenha sido há quase um mês, mas o trabalho na escola e a pouca vontade de colocar aqui algo de novo têm-me afastado destas paragens, contudo não poderia passar esta altura de festividades sem por aqui um postzito.
Por isso Boas Festas, um feliz natal e um optimo 2006

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Idi disse...

Merry Christmas - and After-Christmas-Days to you and a happy new year, too!

Yes, I understand that you have very much to do.

Which work do you have at school? Are you still visiting school or university or are you a teacher? (If you have already written, I may have forgotten, I am sorry).

I like the photo with the four candles very much and the word "noel".
I never thought of that possibility to write every letter on each candle glass: ...good idea!

How long will you have to study (if you are studying)?
I remember you once wrote something of mathematics if I am right.

Three days ago I posted my application to learn during 3 years the profession of logopadian:

therapist for people who cannot speak well - illness - to teach them the German language.

Now I am very much looking forward to the New Year whether I will get an answer from them inviting me to a professional capability test.

I hope that you have had nice Christmas Days - I had so with my family.

My father is 71 years old now, he has had his birthday the 26 of December and his twin sister too and in former days, when his mother still lived, his mother had her birthday on the same day.

She got twins (a son and a daughter) on her birthday.
She already had invited the guests and ordered the cakes.
She had to cancel it all.
Funny... isn't it?

Already now I wish you a New Year filled with learning about your character and how you can become the person you want to (I hope the same for me and I am reading books about that).

Furthermore I wish you a very good contact in prayer with God (same to me) so that he can guide and protect you, care for you each day and give you his love, helping you to be a good Christian and to come each day and each hour a bit forward on the way to glorious Heaven.

All the best, blessing, (benedicción: I like that word) very much love for your family and a heart which finds its calm in the love of God.


irina disse...


Onde desapareceu você? Sempre ocupado com a escola... Ta bom.
Espero que teve Felizes Festas e que este ano vai ser cheio de boas sorpresas para você!

Maria do Céu Costa disse...

Um bom inicio de ano. Bonito visual o deste seu blog, parabéns.

Idi disse...

Wednesday I will have a personal pre-examination at the school for logopaedists during the whole day and one week later I will get the result: whether I will be allowed to study there...
I would be glad if this would be the will of God; we will see...