terça-feira, novembro 29, 2005


Tudo cai! Tudo tomba! Derrocada
Pavorosa! Não sei onde era dantes.
Meu solar, meus palácios, meus mirantes!
Não sei de nada, Deus, não sei de nada!...

Passa em tropel febril a cavalgada
Das paixões e loucuras triunfantes!
Rasgam-se as sedas, quebram-se os diamantes!
Não tenho nada, Deus, não tenho nada!...

Pesadelos de insônia, ébrios de anseio!
Loucura de esboçar-se, a enegrecer
Cada vez mais as trevas do meu seio!

Ó pavoroso mal de ser sozinha!
Ó pavoroso e atroz mal de trazer
Tantas almas a rir dentro de mim!

by: Florbela Espanca
a visitar: Site de homenagem à grande poetisa

E isto de loucura tudo por causa de um livro que comecei hoje a re-lêr chamado Loucura de Mário de Sá Carneiro, aconcelho vivamente a todos os que puderem, não percam a chance a leiam-no e já agora fica aqui um link para quem não conhece, ficar a conhecer um pouco melhor Mário de Sá Carneiro


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Idi disse...

Ruben, I often feel like that, too and
I often am amazed how you find books and songs which so clearly show what is within you.
I seldom find books or music which show so clearly what is within me.
But in reality: this is not my goal.-I don't want find my mood reflected in books and music but I want to meditate upon books and music which reflect another world, the heavenly world of light and love in my heart:
reflect, reflect...and there is a little more sunshine in my heart.

ruben disse...

Sometimes what I feel is not reflected in the books I read, or in the music I hear, but because I hear, or read something in those periods of time, when I kind of feeling in the sameway again, those musics, and books somehow are like a mark :)

I like your prespective to ;)

Idi disse...

ok. Did I understand right?:...

You listen to or you read something which is not reflecting your inward being but afterwards you come into a situation which shows exactly what you have read... then you go and blog it because it is like a (book-mark) mark which marks that special situation through which you are going some time later. Right?

One thought comes to my mind:

when you are reading sad books (music) is that perhaps transforming your inward being
so that at a later time when you are experiencing something
you refer to what you have read
and instinctively
or automatically
you take that sad point of view of that author...- - - if you would have read perhaps something absolute positive, then, in such a situation you would
or automatically
view the situation from a more positive prespective and then
would be your mark.

I don't know whether you understand what I am saying
I don't know whether you feel capable of absorbing prespectives of authors who are absolutely positive
I don't know whether it is perhaps the right way for you to do it like you do because being honest is of utmost importance for finding the right way in life, I think
I don't know whether you are upset that I have written that
I don't know whether you believe that I really have understood your prespective

I just asked myself which criteria you take for wishing to read a book...
but honestly speaking, I then asked myself which criteria I take for reading a book:

I often take a book which just simply crosses my way and which seems to be interesting to me
interesting in the sense to find the right way in life.

Do you also have a/some special criteria/s?

Well sorry for not being able to make it shorter

but please tell me:

1. did I understand your sentence with the "mark" right?...

Idi disse...

I have clicked the link "Florbela Espanca" - how nice - both: her blog and the "defensoria publica". I didn't know that such a profesion did exist.
I like it very much.
I spent more than half an hour on the pages of "Mrs. Florbela" - and the nice music...
Really a nice link!
Thank you very much for posting it, Ruben.

Idi disse...

No, vanity,
Everything falls?
No, everything perishes.

Everything tumbles?
No, if my heart is worrying
I will tell my sorrows to Jesus

Dreadful Destruction?
God wounds where there is sin
but his hand also heals
where we cry for him

My solar one, my palaces, my mirantes!
God is my sun, he has a place in his palace for me...

I do not know of nothing, God, do not know of nothing...

Never mind, we needn't to know anything - God wants to be everything
Even if we are nothing,
he wants to give us everything
by Jesus
He wants to take away our sin
and wants to give us the fruits of the Holy Spirit:
love, joy, peace, patience

It passes in feverish bustle the triumphant raid by horseback Of the passions and madnesses?

If it is not the passion for Christ
and the passion for the good
it is madness
We shall not admire horses or
riding on a horseback
but we shall be humble
like a sheep

The silks become torn, break diamonds?
No, we shall be zealous with eager
and work so that we might have the money
to buy clothes of silk (Proverbes 31)
broken diamonds? There is a verse
of sinners: because of the sin
your gold has become dirty
but repent
and it will be shining again

I do not have nothing, God, I do not have nothing...

Jesus said: Give away
everything to which your heart is clinging
and come and follow me
so I will give you life eternal

what would it bring to man
if he wins the whole world
loses his soul in hell?

Nightmares of sleeplessness, drunkards of yearning?

Nightmares shall show us
that our relationship
with God doesn't function
that we love films of horror
or other gods
which never can give peace to our heart and soul.

Madness to sketch itself?

to blacken Each time more the darknesses of my seio?

In Proverbes, chapter 1 or 2
it is written
that if we don't obey the
words of wisdom,
the words of father and mother,
the words of God
then madness and darkness
will come upon our path

Dreadful Ó badly of being alone!
Better being alone
than being
with false friends

Dreadful and atrocious Ó badly to bring As many souls to laugh inside at me?

He who will fear God
will be feared by men
that means
men will respect you inside themselves
when you obey God
and belong to God
and reflect a holy life

they will respect you deeply
even if they laugh at you openly.

Because that's the promise of God
that he will
stand by your side

when you fear (only) him
and love (only) him

Idi disse...

Hello Ruben!
Tomorrow is an exciting day for me!

Please read: http://idiritsak.blogspot.com/2005/12/full-of-joy.html

Idi disse...

How nice!... the blue flowers...
...I always think when entering your blog.

Thank you for your comment on my site.

I really have good luck as you wished it to me.

In my next post "lucky day" I explain how my work was in detail

and in my latest post I wrote that perhaps/probably/hopefully
I will be able to assist to a professional education for handicaped people who cannot speak properly or cannot speak at all - to learn "speaking" with them...

I am so glad when I read the positive aspects of your posts
and I wish you a nice Christmas and a very positive New Year, walking hand in hand with the Son of God...

Are you well -
are you fine?
or snow?
or sorrow?
don't let HIM go,
he will help you
like he helped me, too

Be a good boy!...
...the father says
and he knows...
...there are so many things
my son still has to learn
but nevertheless the father loves him
even if he makes mistakes

Because I don't know your birthday - when it will be in the New Year: I already wish you a Happy Birthday in the New Year
and always think:
My God wants to help me living a tremendous life
and all starts with commiting my life to him

Some weeks ago I prayed: well, Lord, I want to seek you in the first place and I will read my bible and listen to sermons - I really will search you to find you and I will make a note on my calender each day, searching the Lord...

...and guess what? Not even three weeks later - I read the announcement of the job with the handicaped people -
and everything began...

I wish the same to you