quinta-feira, novembro 03, 2005


Pois é isto de ter 3 frequências em 8 dias arraza qualquer um, e eu que o diga, embora tenha aproveitado os feriados (feriado+ponte) da pior forma possivel, ou seja no ócio total ando com os neuronios completamente atrofiados, entre séries sucessões ainda as matrizes e claro os belos dos filosofos trbalhistas...Uma verdadeira feira de matéria umas vezes chata, outras dificil de compreender e por vezes (só algumas) interessante...Mas já chega da azafama dos neuronios e do estudo...Fica então aqui mais um poemazito(...como a falta de inspiração..ou melhor a falta de tempo para a inspiração tem sido enorme fica aqui um velhinho, mas do qual gosto muito):

A criatura desnudada

Naquela tela azulada,
Vive uma criatura desnudada.
Sem asas para poder voar,
Mas com vontade de se libertar.

Por vezes Voa alto sem saber,
Na sua própria vontade de crer.
Procura o que nunca encontrou.
Procura aquilo com que sempre sonhou.

Procura a liberdade,
Procura a felicidade,
De tanto procurar Algo encontrou,
mas foi diferente do que sempre desejou...
encontrou a tristeza e desde logo gostou,
Nela encontrou talento e a ele se aprisionou.

Mas a verdade,
É que o seu desejo nunca concretizou.
A felicidade ou liberdade,
ela nunca encontrou.

Ficou para sempre presa
Aquela tristeza.
Ficou com aquele talento,
Mas também com o seu próprio sofrimento!

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Idi disse...

Dear Ruben, I am so sad that your blog-background with the nice flowers disappeared.
Today I just was full of joy to have again a look at your new blog, but the flowers have disappeared! Can't you put them again for a while? It's so enspiring these little nice flowers...

Now to your post. I will try to comment it - though I do not understand completely the translation of Babel Fish.
I just will comment it as it is in my heart.
Please don't feel disturbed if my comment doesn't fit exactly in the thought you had when writing it...

Not Azafama but Peace to your Soul!
No arraza but Construction, Edification, Restauration, Building, Creation, Inspiration
I want to learn 3 new happy songs in 8 days...
Nice that you had holidays and didn't have to go to school/university.
I hope that you will spend your free days with much positive inspiration, what You can do as Good and how You can change the world: You and God/Jesus.
Ocio is good but I hope your nerves will be restored - not by human philosophy but the best philosophy to think of are the 30 words of John 3,16: So much God loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that every one who will believe in him will not perish but will have eternal life.It is worth to think on this because life or death, heaven or hell depends on it.

ruben disse...

Hi Idi, the background of the flowers is back :)
And thanks for the comment :) I really apreciate it :)

Idi disse...

thanks a lot
how nice. I don't have the words to express how nice these flowers are
Thanks for your answer. Thank you that you appreciated my comment.

I will try now to go on commenting:
Uma verdadeira feira de matéria umas vezes chata:
I have heard of people who lived on the country side but in an area like a prison. They could not leave this country side.
The soldiers didn't give to them anything to eat and at the back of the house there was a big pile of garbage. But this garbage consisted mainly of rests of eating like potatoe peels and some peels were older than others and had little roots in them.
They collected the little roots with the potatoe peel on it and planted it into the ground - and little potatoes grew - and they had something to eat.

So for the the garbage pile also was Uma verdadeira feira de matéria umas vezes chata but this brought life to them because they prayed to God, were creative and developped their good ideas.

Ruben, come and develop also your good ideas, even if your life looks like matéria chata.

Perhaps I will comment the rest at a later time.

Don't know whether I understood well but these are the ideas that came to my mind.

Idi disse...

Dear Ruben,
I keep on commenting - if you like:
outras dificil de compreender e por vezes (só algumas) interessante
I wish for your blog and your life that it is not difficult to understand but that it is very very often interesting and joyful...

Mas já chega da azafama dos neuronios e do estudo...

I wish for you that studying will be a joy for you:
you know? There are different methods of learning: I like very much learning with a bright pencil in yellow, orange, green or rose/pink: then you see the most important passages with one glimpse
I also like the method of reading out loud - then you read AND hear the text and can remember better.
Another method is the method of taping your voice on a record. You read out of the book. Then you may hear it whatever you are doing in your room.
Then you can register again in telling everything you know by heart, afterwards listen.
If you know that very well, you can register once more. You reread in the book, take a tape recorder and register once more but only say what you know by heart and so on...
So the amount of knowledge grows and grows, it is easy and makes fun and afterwards you are able to tell everything to your teacher or to your class mates or study mates...

Never let your heart come into azafama. It is poison for your heart.
In the bible we read we shall battle and strive for peace in our soul and heart.
The reward is sweet - a foretaste of heaven...

(...como a falta de inspiração..ou melhor a falta de tempo para a inspiração...)

Very good, Ruben, very good:
it is better to write a little inspiration than none.
Better you have caught a little bird than only to see a bigger one on the roof...says a proverb in Germany

I often have done the mistake that when I couldn't do a complete thing, I did nothing because I thought: well everything or nothing...
but it is often better to only do partially something and the rest later.

So I like this word "poemazito".

Do you know what?
For us, the readers it is even more simple and easy to answer a poemazito instead of a long, long poem...

Idi disse...

A criatura desnudada:

"Everything lies bare and naked in front of Him to whom we have to give account for everything",
(the Bible).

This will be at the day of judgement. Then we cannot put a little nice blanket above our bad deeds
the godly sun will reveal everything
While writing this there comes a situation in my mind which I still have to get right.
I wrote it down just now
so that I will remember it tomorrow.

Idi disse...

Ruben, I wrote a comment to the '(t)rain-song'

irina disse...

oi Ruben,

o seu poema sona como um ars poetica... Foi voce quem escrebeu? Gostei. Espero que os seus estudios vao muito bem e te deixam um pouco de tempo libre para cultivar os seus talentos...

Idi disse...

Hello Ruben, I have made a comment on your blog: !dá que pensar! on the article of "genius mind"

Bumfi disse...

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Idi disse...

I have made a comment on:

"se nao gostam vou embora"


Idi disse...

I have made a comment on:

"se nao gostam vou embora"


Idi disse...

Dear Ruben,

I have found a

It is short:

but if you like you may read my comment to that short and sad poem - I am the last one of 21 commentators

Idi disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um gestor do blogue.
Idi disse...

Ruben, I feel ashamed for just deleting my comment but it must be.
I have just found the answer

ruben disse...

Don't feel achamed Idi, sometimes it has to be :)

I am sorry I've been so absent, I have lots of work in school so I don't have the needed time to post anything new or even comment all the commets :)

Thank you