terça-feira, novembro 01, 2005

...Empty days, empty mind...

I've died to the world
as dead can be dead
I smoke the rests of my soul
in the shadows of my coufin
I died, may be a long time ago
But I just realise now, how dead I am...In the darkness...

the void fills me up day by day,
in nights full of emptiness,
in those days where the sky
is covered up with clouds...blue days...
The nights covered by spirits from the dark, from the shadows...
But I really don't want to see all that, emptyness...all that sadness
I don't want to feel it anymore
to write it, or write my feelings again,
don't want to read or hear my sadness...

I want to go back to life again...
To work as ever, so I can forget my own death
Just work...And as many work, less sad I will feel, less time I will got to spend with feelings...

...Empty days, empty mind...

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Idi disse...

I've died to the world
to all the evil and harmful things
Christ is living within me
so, what can all these bad things do to me?
I am dead to them
but living in Christ.
Died has my egoism
Died has my sadness
Died has my depression
Died has my helplessness
Alive is Christ in me
alive is His strength in me
alive is His joy in me
I feel alive as long as I look up to Him
the one who died for me!
He has died for my egoism
that I may love my neighbour
He has died for my sadness
so that I can be happy from now on
He has died for my depression
He has felt all that loneliness all that guilt,
He felt being far away from the father and cried:
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Well, God answered in his love:
because of the burden of sin and the wounds in the heart of Ruben
so that he might have
live abundant
and may live in a totally new life,
completely changed
in his mind, soul and feelings.

Lord Jesus, be my saviour
and give me this new life
and help me to walk in this new life

not to return to the old stuff again
and if yes, if I will have fallen down,
then lift me up,
I want to confess my sin
and my sadness to you
and You will forgive me

and give me a new start
every day
every second

From now on I want to be a man of 'restart'
by His grace and help

The more I will restart
the stronger I will become
up to the point
where I will be able
to lift others
as I have been liftet
by my loving God