sexta-feira, setembro 23, 2005

O ultimo desta série

O mundo move-se no espaço que me rodeia
No curto tempo, que por vezes escaceia,
E eu especado, sem nada fazer, fico apenas a olhar
Observando no aspecto das coisas a mudança,
Mas não me movo, nao me mexo, para que não me possam mudar
Para que fique para sempre eu, ainda tenho essa esperança
E assim fico estático, a ver o tempo e a sua passagem
Como um rio que corre para a foz, como uma crinça que acaba de nascer
Mas eu não me modifico, apenas sentado fico, numa margem
a ver o rio que passa, a ver a criança crescer...

Agora é tempo de escola e de estudar...Agora é tempo de passar nas disciplinas e ver se daqui por um ou dois anos acabo o bacharelato...Agora é tempo de estudar, é tempo de dar tempo ao blog!

Até sempre :)

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irina disse...

Ficar sem mudar nao pode ser... O tempo se muda ainda se voce nao quer. Cada segundo tem algo novo para nois, sabemos mais ou dudamos mais... Nao mover nao e nao cambiar...

Idi disse...

Oh, Ruben,
I had written a very long comment about my experiences when I was in a time where I felt like the poem discribes here.

I have deleted it when looking for some links in addition to my comment.

So I only shortly will repeat:
In that time when I felt like in this poem I had a prayer that this lonelyness would stop
and God heard my prayer
and I got to know some catholic friends, especially one friend, who had an experience with Jesus when doing a meditation according to the cross of Jesus - cross meditation - in a monastery.

God spoke to him that Jesus died for him and that he wants to forgive his sins.
He said: Yes - to God!

After that experience he changed totally:
He was shy and insulated and sad and lonely
and after this experience his character changed so much that now he has many many friends,
he bought a house in Poland
and he leads German-Poland congregations in Poland
and does a very blessed work

This friend and other friends took me to a Taizé meeting

and from this time on I got new friends and I was no longer so lonely as I was before...

Idi disse...

Second comment

Hello Ruben,
Ruben sprach zu seinen Brüdern...
1. Mose 37,22 etc.
Losung (lot) für Montag, 26. September 2005

This is a yearly plan of bibleverses that is known throughout the whole evangelic church
For every vers for every word a lot is drawn:
You have many papers, turn them on the back side, so you will not see what is written
and then you take ONE card.
That means to draw a lot.

The Bible lot for today, 26. Sept.2005 is the above verse with "Ruben", the brother of Joseph who was thrown into the pit (they wanted to kill him but Ruben said: don't do that, so they stopped),
Joseph afterwards was sold as a slave and who became a friend of the king afterwards and helped all his brothers to survive a famine because he had forgiven them.

If you want to check out the
lot of 26. Sept 2005
you can click on
and see in the first line in "red":
"Tageslosung" (=lot of the day)

So, what I want to say is:
You perhaps can also help others (perhaps your friends) to do the good instead of doing evil
by just saying ONE word...

ruben disse...

Thank you Idi and Irina...